Unafraid. No. More. Ashamed. Silence. Keeping. Everything. Disguised

This event deals with all the masks women wear throughout the day and their lives to cover up their feelings. Many people say everything is fine, when in fact they're hurting inside.  I will not sugar coat anything in this event. We have transparent talks about hard topics like abuse, trauma, domestic violence, human trafficking, eating disorders, shame, anxiety, and depression, etc... But, we talk about how to surrender to God's love and how to forgive people who hurt you. I share why I'm so determined to help others overcome despite the obstacles they've faced. Women walk away changed, and feeling lighter than they have in years.  This is an opportunity for women from all walks of life to come together in a community of women and realize they are not alone in their struggles.  This event is for women who are ready to stop living in the past, reveal who they are, and embrace their future. We take time to laugh, play games, eat, and worship but we also have times of deep discussion and in the end, there are booths set up for counseling and follow- up care is available.