Code of Conduct

While I know many people use profanity regularly in their everyday language, we kindly ask that you refrain from using profanity on this platform. We don't know our sister's past or present situation, and profanity may be triggering for her. To relay your message in a non-offensive manner, may I suggest using a thesaurus?


  1. Be respectful. Avoiding verbal abuse. We won't agree all the time, but disagreement is no excuse for poor behavior and poor manners. Just remember civility above all. We all experience frustration periodically but shouldn't allow frustration to turn into personal attacks. It's important to remember we're building a community where sisters feel comfortable, welcomed, and supported.

  2. Please avoid instigating arguments. When generating posts that are highly sensitive and potentially triggering, please put a warning at the beginning of the post. Something as simple as ***this is potentially triggering*** So your sister can decide if she wants to read further without diving in without foreknowledge that it may be triggering.

  3. Please avoid graphic details of your experiences. We can discuss how experiences made you feel, but we don't need to minute by minute accounts of what happened in the incident. That could definitely be harmful to some.

  4. Bullying behaviors are not allowed, and if you see someone being bullied or you're being bullied, reach out, speak out, so bullying can be stamped out.

  5. Members asked to stop any undesirable behavior are expected to do so immediately or risk losing membership to HoH permanently.

  6. Paid membership signifies your agreement to the pledge of conduct and the resulting consequences. These expectations are subject to change as situations arise, of which HoH could have no foresight.