Stress Dough

Stress Dough

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Take me with you in the car, put one on your desk, and have one at home.  Pick your favorite color, your favorite scent, and when you having a touch time take a deep breath, and breathe in your favorite scent. Ahhh.... you are already relaxing. The soft texture of the dough and the color that you love will take you into a much calmer place.  

  • FAQ

    How long will this dough last?

    Depends on how much you handle it and how you store it. If you place it back in the airtight container it will last quite a while.  A number of days or months cannot be placed on how long it will last simply because every situation is different.  If you see your product begin to crumble and crack it is probably time to purchase another one.  Sunlight will fade the color of the product over time.  


    Can I eat this? 

    NO ! Although it smells great, this is not edible.  This also contains wheat so anyone with wheat sensitivies should be aware and be cautious of any exposure.  



    In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase you are welcome to return your product for an exchange. 

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