VA Claims

Most people don’t know much about the process that veterans have to go through to get veteran claims approved after they exit the military. I am going to talk a little about it here because it is a matter that warrants exposure and discussion.

If a female is pregnant when exiting the military, an exam is not conducted, and after the baby is delivered the female can then request an exam. The military may then claim at that examination that any physical injuries she is currently enduring were due to the pregnancy not related to her time in service, releasing them from any further claims. Not having a physical before leaving service can lead to years of claims, appeals, veteran service organizations and sometimes attorneys that take a percentage of whatever is granted.

Claims take years to process for males and females, and during that time, the veterans are paying for all of their medical bills and medicine out of pocket. While most civilians think this is reasonable because they have to do this with their co-payments and deductibles, that is not what the military promised.

When we took our oath, they promised they would take care of us. So, when we leave with mental health issues, traumatic brain injuries, spine cord injuries, lost limbs, post-traumatic stress, and more…we should not have to worry about how to pay for our care.

When we return from a battlefield, sometimes one that is in the U.S., we should receive proper care. We should not have to fight for years to be seen by clinicians or be placed on waitlists.

Then we can’t get paid for the injuries we received and have to pay for the care because the VA refused to acknowledge we were injured. That is just insult to the wounds they inflicted on us. We fight for them, and then we return and we have to prove to them that we indeed were injured? The TBI and missing leg aren’t proof enough? We have to show that we were there and have pictures and medical records and show NEXUS and how it impacted us and how it continues to affect us? Really? It makes me so sad to see some of my fellow veterans with one limb or no limbs trying to make ends meet. The VA does provide them with compensation for their injuries but the VA acts like they are doing them a favor. It is the least they can do. Some of them are selling plasma and blood and on the street flying signs to make rent some months. I am not saying the VA is not doing good. They are helping. However, I think they’ve made the process for filing claims complicated and lengthy and unfortunately, many veterans give up because of that.

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