What type of employee are you?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

There are many types of employees. Which one do you think you are?

A few types that I have witnessed over the years.

1. Those that suffer in silence. They stay because they have bills and fear they will not find another job that will match their current salary, so they endure the abuse. When they are finished for the day, they breathe a sigh of relief that they made it one more day. They go home and drink and try to forget about that dreaded place but there is still work on their minds. The stress keeps them awake at night so they continue to work while at home just to stay ahead. Then, they go back to work a few hours later.

2. Those who gripe, complain and make passive-aggressive comments all day long about staff and management. Blames every mistake on being overworked and needing more help and tools to do the job correctly. Because they are miserable in their job they make everyone’s life around them miserable. They know something about everything and they have something to say about EVERYTHING. They will not be quiet long enough to do their job which is part of the reason they are falling behind.

3. Those who stir up trouble and gossip about anyone and everyone to take the spotlight away from them. They fail to do their own work and constantly find someone else to do it for them. They get away with sub-par work all of the time and management seems to cater to them because they have them snowed with their “witty personality”. They have been able to “skate” and slack for so long they have become accustomed to having someone do their work for them. When they are asked to do anything new or just do their job they balk that someone would even suggest they earn their paycheck.

4. The brown-nosers that are always in the boss’s face and running errands for them. They have become the “yes man”, “the teacher’s pet” and they can do no wrong in the eyes of the boss. Everything they say is golden and when behind closed doors they give the rundown of everyone in the office to the boss “because every boss needs to be in the know about every intimate detail of their employees” This person will come around and probe for information and try to become your best friend all with the intent to use information gathered at the opportune time that is most beneficial to them.

5. They genuinely love the job so much. They are early to work, ask for extra work, stay late, work overtime, and don’t ask to be paid. They enjoy the job so much and could not think of a better place to work. They study as much as they can to get as much knowledge as they can about their job. When you speak to them, they sound like they swallowed every book on the company. They are able to recite whatever you need without ever looking at reference material. They live and breathe the company.


The reason I wanted to write about this is that I have told so many people over the years that they don’t have to settle. They don’t have to be miserable or feel they deserve to be mistreated by supervisors or other co-workers. Everyone deserves to feel valued, appreciated, and respected.

I really do not like bullies. It really irks me to see people walk over others either to make themselves feel better or simply use their power or authority to abuse others.

I have seen co-workers in tears at work, having anxiety attacks when thinking about going to work not because they hated the work, but because of co-workers or supervisors, they would later encounter. People have resigned their positions, left a job they loved because of poor management, lack of support, or poor morale in the workplace.

Your age, ethnicity, education, etc. have nothing to do with how you should be treated. You were born, have a brain, a heart (a ton of other organs), flesh, blood, bones, breath flowing in and out of your body; you are human. You deserve to be treated like a person and nothing less.

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