Sticks and Stones? All of it hurts...

Have you ever considered that some other things you say stick around long after you said them? That the things that were told to you as a child still impact you as an adult? The behaviors you demonstrate in your relationships, at work, with your children are due to childhood incidents and comments. Pause and think about that for a moment. Maybe it will change the way you respond to someone in the future. Perhaps it will change the inflection in your tone when you speak with a coworker. Maybe the way you look at your child will change before you rush them for the appearance of their hair or room. Or, it could change the way you respond to your spouse before you condemn them for the way they replace the toilet paper or how they roll the toothpaste.

Remember the way their words stung when your parents did those things? Long after you left their home, those things replayed in your mind. Think about that before you call someone something that is not their name. Pause, take a breath. Even if you don’t call them that thing, you’re thinking your behavior in your body language still gives off that vibe toward them. Just remember how the actions or words made you feel. Try not to duplicate those things. Not unless you enjoy making people feel miserable.

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