I was scheduled to be on the graduation platform because I was the professor at a university, and a person told me to get in line to get my bachelor’s degree. Was there no expectation that a black woman could be educated to be the professor?

When I started work at the VA, there was only one other black person that worked in the homeless program. So, when I walked around the department, my co-workers thought I was there to receive homeless services. No one expected a black person to be educated enough to actually work in social work.

During a Veteran Christmas party at the VA, a woman assumed that I did not work for the VA and made false accusations that she later pulled back. Her co-worker apologized “for the entire white community”

The manager of a bookstore followed me and my one and 3-year-old out of the store through the mall, leaving his store unattended. He stated that he could not find a book that we had been reading. We went back to the store and showed him on the shelf where the book was.

A black social worker and I went to do a home visit, and the property manager assumed that we were prostitutes.

A black social worker and I went to pick up a veteran and someone approached our car, assuming we were in the neighborhood to score drugs. Even from our own race, the perception was that we could not be professionals.

I have been told that my tone is too aggressive.

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