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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

In our society, we have grown accustomed to sharing every minute of our day with others. For breakfast, we share a picture of the fantastic meal to Facebook from a recipe someone shared with us on Pinterest. If we don't get enough likes, we use a filter and post it on Instagram. If we do something kind for someone, we have to tell everyone on social media so they can pat us on the back about how great we are. All this amounts to is humble bragging, and we have enough of that, don't we?

I hear people often say that social media is fake, and it doesn't reflect real friendships or relationships, but that is still their "go-to" for validation, reassurance, pats on the back, attaboys, the courage to do something, say something, etc..

How often are you checking your phone to see who texted, emailed, or messaged you? Or if you have new followers or friend requests or likes to your posts?

That is where people go when they want to announce something to the world. If they're going to let someone know how angry they are at them or even want to let someone know how loved they are. The days are gone where this occurs in person. It has become impersonal and a spectator sport for all to see.

There is nothing wrong with shouting your love from the rooftops and proclaiming your love unashamedly for your beloved as long as you can also do it privately, and you are not doing it for praise or glory from others for how great of a person you are.

Look, there is nothing wrong with telling people about your day, your accomplishments, your feelings, etc. Yet, when did gathering a bunch of electronic "friends" and followers become how you measured your value in life?

It is great to be appreciated, no doubt. But your entire existence and drive in life should not be for others to validate you, your life, or your experiences.

God already told you who you are. You are His, chosen by Him, part of a Royal Priesthood. You are part of His family, and there is nothing you can ever say or do to change that. He loves you and always will. Social media has nothing on the Father's love and the relationship He wants to have with you.

Of the 4,000 "friends" and 1 million followers, how many of them call to check on you when you are ill? How many do you actually associate with in real life? How many would you genuinely want to hang around in real life?

Get real people. I mean it. Get some real people that will speak into your lives, who will challenge you to be better, encourage, and pray with you. If you only care about people stroking your ego and making you feel appreciated, handsome or beautiful, then ignore me.

Sometimes the reality of someone's life is many times far from the fantasy posted online. You are only getting a cropped snapshot look into their lives. So, don't judge yourself or them based on that. Looks can be deceiving is very relevant here. Don't feel like you don't measure up, or you are falling behind your peers in regards to success, or your family sucks compared to the Beaver Cleaver family you see online every day.

So, check your reasons that you post minute by minute and blow by blow accounts of your day on social media.

• Will you be saddened or depressed if a particular person doesn't like your post?

• Are you trying to get the most likes?

• What if no one shares what you post, how will you respond?

• Do you want a pat on the back?

• Is there an ulterior motive?

• It's time for you to do some self-reflection and ask yourself honestly, "Why do I care so much about what others think of me?"

When you find the answer, do something about it. Change. You can change the narrative of your story and your life.

Social media provides an excellent opportunity for sharing a ton of information with a lot of people quickly. Will you waste that for selfish motives or use it for something that will benefit many?

Social media was promoted to be something to bring us all together, and it has insulated, divided, isolated, and made us lonelier rather than creating more community.

You can be a change agent today. Post the Word of God, something encouraging & positive and walk away from your post, not caring who responds, shares, or likes it. Just know you made a difference, and the Father's love was multiplied through you.

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