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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Are you simply tired of your job? Are you ready to make a huge career decision? HoH can help with your interview prep and guide you as you decide your next path in life.

Tired of feeling like you have no direction in life?

A goal-setting session would be ideal for you.

Is there conflict all around you but you avoid it because it makes you uncomfortable?

Attending conflict resolution seminars would be a good plan for you.

After a 30-minute (no charge) strategy session, we'll tailor our services to your needs.

Anything that is bothering you that you feel you need assistance with, give us a call.

We can help you gain confidence or just give you greater clarity in life.

All of our staff have an education in training in areas of counseling, psychology, & therapy. Although that is our background, in this setting only one person on staff is currently offering psychotherapy. Simply stated, therapists are focusing on understanding your past so you can heal and help you understand your current life situations.

While we use many of our acquired evidence-based skills, our goal is to help you better understand yourself. While doing that we encourage, challenge and guide you to achieve your goals. We aim to hold you accountable because we want you to conquer your present and propel you into a prosperous future. We want your experience with HoH to be transforming and life-changing so we don't cookie-cutter our approach. We get to know you and what you want and we help get you there.

Because life is so busy, we try to make things as convenient as possible. Instead of driving 20 minutes to and from our offices (after being at work all day)... all of our services are available online via Skype or Google Meets.

We offer M-F, early morning (before 6 am MST) evening (after 5 pm MST), and weekend appointments (Sat 8 am -4 pm MST).

What we can offer in a nutshell:

§ Seminars and guest speaker services

§ 1 on 1 virtual sessions for all services

§ 1 on 1 in-person sessions for all services (additional fee)

§ Team Building Sessions

§ A La Carte sessions (make your own plan based on course offerings)

§ Group sessions

Focus areas:

§ Psychotherapy (18 and over) relationships, stress, life, trauma etc…

§ Peer Support

§ Mediation

§ Life Skills: Goal setting, communication, relationship, time management, confidence coaching, empowering esteem, accountability

§ Leadership: Team building, accountability, confidence, empathy, conflict resolution

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