Don't get comfortable with disrespect

When you start lowering standards you set for yourself about how you want people to treat or respect you, they are going to continue to test that boundary. For example, if you tell people don’t call you names, hit you, or cuss at you, and you allow it once it will continue to occur.

They know if you gave them one chance, you’d give them another. They no now that despite their poor behavior and disrespect of your boundaries, you will not walk away. They are relying on you forgiving them. Don't let a person get comfortable with disrespecting you. I'm not saying we shouldn’t forgive people. I forgive people daily, sometimes multiple times in a day. One Christian cussed me out to my face after I repented to him. I went to them and said, “I repent for anything I may have done to offend you.” He said, “Get out of my face with that expletive Christian expletive.

I held my tongue because I did what God told me to do and humbly repented. I argued with God beforehand, gently reminding God the One Who is Omnipresent, Who saw and heard everything that I’d done nothing wrong. I argued with God that this man had wronged every time he could, and he owed me an apology, and I needed to give them a piece of my mind.

But God me that I needed to go to this person and repent. So, I humbly obeyed my Father. God reminded me that He would fight my battles, and I no longer needed to physically fight everything myself. I didn’t need to operate in anger, and I had to trust that God takes care of me and vindicate me.

I left the situation because I refused to be anybody's doormat or emotional or verbal punching bag. I will not allow anybody to just abuse me. After being strangled by someone in my home, I slept with a knife underneath my pillow because I was not going to let someone kill me.

I use my voice and my words now to fight. So, I am telling you, don’t let people get comfortable mistreating, disrespecting, or treating you like animals. If they do it once and think you're going to allow it and that you will not walk away, it'll become the norm. You'll become used to that behavior, and you can't do it. Your body will begin to absorb the blows, and nobody should have to deal with that. I took it for way too long, and I have the scars on my heart and my body, and I don't want that to happen to you.

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