Boundaries are not just for other people

Boundaries are not just things that you set for other people. When was the last time you stopped yourself from purchasing something that you couldn’t afford? Pumped the brakes, pressed pause before adding something to your shopping cart? During this pandemic, I’ve heard people say things like, their credit card is burning a hole in their pocket. They can’t wait for their favorite store to open so they can go shopping. Boundaries are also keeping promises to yourself about not overspending.

You can also have outstanding boundaries for yourself around only eating when medically necessary. Or eating only when hungry, not due to boredom, sadness, or any other emotion you’re stuffing.

Have better boundaries with yourself by being kind enough to take breaks. From toxic people, social media, television, the phone, the computer, from foolishness, from unhealthy things, from things that are harmful in the most negative ways. There is nothing wrong with saying no to things and taking a break and time for yourself. Those are wonderful boundaries to have for yourself.

Another reasonable boundary to have is to practice good sleep hygiene. Try to get the recommended amount of sleep and turn off anything that distracts you from being able to fall asleep and maintain sound sleep.

My last little bit today on a boundary you could implement for yourself is to take some days off from work!

Is it your goal to have 500 vacation days saved when you retire? If so, why? What is the point? Is there an office pool to see who can work themselves to death? Is there a bonus for the person who never takes a day off? You earned them. Use them! Take some well-deserved rest, take some mental health days, get away from work every now and then. Those are exceptional boundaries to have. You do not have to prove anything to anybody. Your value and your worth are not tied to your job. Get away from work every now and then get out and live life. I told my job a couple of years ago that nobody on their deathbed has ever said, “I wish I had one more day to work.” Many people on their deathbeds wish they had more time with family. My boss told me she wanted to have the team do something with all our families on the weekend. I told her I was not interested in attending anything outside of work. I explained to her that “I work 40+ hours a week with y’all and my weekends and evenings are reserved for my family and friends” An excellent example of having good boundaries is finding a way to keep work from overtaking your life. Balance.

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