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This is an online network, specially made for you. A place to call your own, build community, relationships, and connect in genuine ways to sisters who have your six.  The forums, blogs, and online support groups are all online. So, despite our geographical locations, we can support and encourage each other.  With your paid membership, you receive access to the online support groups.  To achieve that safe place where all members are free to speak their truth without shame, embarrassment of risk of criticism, we have established some HoH ground rules. 

  1. Conversations that are not required by law to report are confidential. Please, no recording, screenshots, or in any way take anything away from this network for purposes of sharing with others without the expressed permission of the owner of the content shared.  What happens here stays here is a good motto to remember.

  2. No political talk. It’s a divisive topic, and we are trying to unify. There are other places to discuss political opinions.

  3. No selling, soliciting, or self-promotion of products and services.

  4. You will disagree with others, however, only encouraging, edifying conversations. You are free to speak your mind, but if what you plan to say is harmful, hurtful, or discouraging, please find a way to reframe your words. 

  5. Disparaging, discriminatory, exclusionary, or inflammatory remarks is unacceptable behavior. Any behavior deemed offensive moderator, or administrator results in removal of said post by moderator or administrator and warning or removal of the offender for a while or permanently as determined by the administrative staff.

  6. Please, no spamming anyone privately, to their email,  or within the forum.

  7. We want to share experiences and stories that teach, inspire, encourage, etc.  However, please avoid advice-giving.  Few people enjoy unsolicited advice or opinions or commands such as, “You should walk in tomorrow and say I quit!”

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If you are currently unable to afford this year's membership, please send us a message letting us know you would like a scholarship.

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