Join Us

Please consider joining us in some capacity. HoH cannot assist members or the community without your support. 


Facilitators: Those currently practicing or master level clinicians, provide invaluable help in groups nationwide. 

The assistance from every member, sponsor, and supporter helps out in these ways: 

  • Funds donated to HoH allow us to release more scholarships, provide more community outreach, and positively impact more women. 

  • Helps with outreach efforts and aiding a woman in obtaining safe housing. Your support also helps with:

  • Every dollar donated helps HoH provide things like: food, coats, clothes, toys for low-income neighborhoods, meals for shelters, supplies for anti-human trafficking and domestic violence organizations, wreath purchases for graves for Memorial Day, homeless outreach. Picnics, BBQs, or other events for HoH members. Purchase Pearls of Hope bags for cancer patients. Gift cards for members. Purchase ride cards instead of people drinking and driving. Gift cards during holidays for those in need.

  • Donations allow HoH to host UNMASKED retreats and the annual UNMASKED event.