About Us

I’m a veteran, military daughter, military sister,  and military wife, and soon-to-be military mom. I learned first-hand about the unique challenges military women encounter in spaces dominated by men, in and out of the military. These proud, courageous women need a supportive space truly their own where they can explore and pursue their sense of purpose, and share experiences.  

Women served and bravely fought in every battle, conflict, or war since the American Revolution. Yet, we still deal with stereotypes, barriers, and trouble accessing services and benefits earned. Despite the vast number of women veterans and military members, the majority of programs available are still designed for men. Women are dismissed or overlooked, and their needs go unmet. Military women still endure a frat house environment when attempting to access services at VA facilities or veteran organizations. i.e., catcalls, and harassing, stalking, and generally inappropriate behaviors.


I wanted to create a safe network that achieves that military feeling of “having each other’s six.” Too many of my sisters-in-arms are struggling to connect, suffering in silence in violent homes or with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, and homelessness. They feel they’re alone, and no one understands them. They feel out of place, and that they don’t belong.  HoH’s goal is to cultivate a network of sisters to see them create bonds with peers and others who really understand them, so we can all live joyful, productive lives

Who can join?

We have a lot of sisters who never joined the military, but are staunch supporters of the military or have a family member that served or is serving. They have been impacted in some way by our service, and their hearts ache when ours ache over injustices and unfair treatment. Please welcome them as they have welcomed us. This network is for women, but men are vital to the success of this network as well. Classes and assistance in various forms may come from males, and we welcome their contributions. Forums and support groups are strictly women members only and password restricted. Please share our network with every woman that would benefit from a place to strengthen and support other women.